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Metabolic Imaging Core

The NORC-H Metabolic Imaging Core (MIC) links a variety of imaging facilities providing services to NORC-H investigators who currently require or plan to conduct human studies using state-of-the-art imaging research instrumentation and expertise.   The overarching goal of the Metabolic Imaging Core is to provide users with access to cutting edge imaging technology for in-vivo phenotyping of human tissues for nutrition, obesity and metabolism studies. Substantial advances in non-invasive imaging technologies have enabled highly sophisticated assessments of body composition, tissue physiology and brain function that accelerate translational research in human obesity and nutrition. Services include:

  1. A variety of advanced imaging services and assistance in the development of protocols for nutrition and obesity studies in need of imaging-based outcomes.
  2. Consultative services in imaging analysis, including quantitative interpretation of imaging data.
  3. A variety of image-guided biopsy techniques for research purposes, including muscle, liver bone marrow and adipose tissue biopsies.
  4. Provision of space and technical personnel for specialized imaging analyses.
  5. Tutorials and workshops in imaging techniques used in metabolic investigation.


Core Leadership

Martin Torriani, MD
Director of Metabolic Imaging Core
Associate Professor of Radiology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Musculoskeletal Radiology, YAW6048
55 Fruit St.
Boston, MA 02114
Phone 617-724-1108; Fax 617-726-5282

elfakhriGeorges El Fakhri, PhD
Co-Director of Metabolic Imaging Core
Professor of Radiology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
White 42, 55 Fruit St.
Boston, MA  02114
Phone 617-726-9640; Fax 617-726-6165


rosenBruce Rosen, MD, PhD
Co-Director of Metabolic Imaging Core
Laurence Lamson Robbins Professor of Radiology
Massachusetts General Hospital
NMR Center, 2301
149 13th St.
Charlestown, MA  02129
Phone: 617-726-5122; Fax: 617-726-7422