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Metabolic Phenotyping Core

Human based nutrition and obesity research studies are generating data at an unparalleled pace. These data permit investigators to generate many disease-related hypotheses; however the sophisticated infrastructure needed to create disease-relevant models and the detailed metabolic technologies necessary to test these hypotheses lie outside the expertise of many individual research groups. Core Director Alex Soukas’s recent work in Cell, describing two metformin response elements, conserved from worms to humans, through which metformin inhibits cancer growth and prolongs lifespan exemplifies the type of translational work supported by this Core.  The metabolic phenotyping core provides NORC-H investigators with access to specialized technology and services not easily accessible to individual laboratories. The overarching goal of the Metabolic Phenotyping Core is to provide users with access to high-quality model creation and detailed metabolic phenotyping. Services include:

  1. High quality model generation including genomic targeting and production of metabolically relevant cell types.
  2. Detailed metabolic characterization of patient-derived, user-provided, or model generated samples
  3. Consultation on model development and metabolic characterization projects.
  4. Education on techniques provided by the core in model generation and detailed metabolic characterization.


Core Leadership


soukasAlexander Soukas, MD, PhD
Co-Director of Metabolic Phenotyping Core
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Human Genetic Research
CPZN6224, 185 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA  02114


Robert Gerszten
Co-Director of Metabolic Phenotyping Core
Herman Dana Professor of Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA  02215
Phone: 617-661-7000