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Annual Symposium

  • Each year the NORC-H selects a “cutting edge” topic in nutritional research and develops a symposium centered on this topic.
  • Authorities on this topic from North American and elsewhere are invited to present.
  • Representatives from food industry, nutrition researchers, nutritionists and physicians are invited to attend and participate in the active discussion.

Click here to view webcasts and navigate to past symposium pages: 

2017   “Surgical Treatments of Obesity”

2016    “The Adipocyte in Energy Regulation”
2015     Diet and Microbiota in Health and Disease
2014     Advances and Novel Targets in Energy Balance & Obesity
2013     “Metabolic Syndrome”
2011     “Your Brain Can Help You Eat Better”
2010     ” Nutrition and Global Health”
2009     “Protective Nutrients:  Are they here to stay?”
2008     “The Pathogenesis of Obesity”
2007     “The Obesity Epidemic:  Academic, Industry and Government Approaches to Treatment”