Statistical Consultation

Through the NORC-H Biostatistics Support Program, members and P&F grant recipients can arrange a consultation with Rebecca Betensky, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics at Harvard School of Public Health. Services include consultation on study design and analysis, preparation of grant applications, preparation of statistical methods and results for manuscripts on completed studies, responses to reviewer comments for manuscript resubmissions, identification of possible long term statistical collaborators for grants.

Further, Dr. Betensky serves as a central resource to direct members to biostatistical resources and expertise throughout the Harvard system, particularly at Harvard Catalyst where she is Director of Biostatistics. Each P&F Recipient who proposes a clinical or translational project involving human studies will receive statistical consultative time with Dr. Betensky in order to optimize study design, data collection and power considerations.


Rebecca Betensky, PhD
655 Huntington Ave.
Building II Room 421
Boston, MA  02115
Phone: 617-432-2821
Fax: 617-432-5619