SUGAR RFA- Apply Here!


In association with our 2018 Annual symposium, SUGAR: Epidemiologic, Physiologic and Policy Considerations of the Sugar Epidemicwe are delighted to solicit applications for a special Pilot & Feasibility Award of $30,000 for research in a topic related the symposium.

Invited research includes investigation broadly related to health effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners as well as research on epidemiology and food policy surrounding sweeteners, interventions to modify consumption of sweeteners, and metabolic and neurologic effects of carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners.

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DEADLINE: May 1, 2018 

Eligible applicants fall into one of 3 categories: (1) early career investigators in nutrition, metabolism, or obesity; (2) established investigators new to the field of nutrition, metabolism or obesity research; or (3) established investigators in the field looking for funding for a new direction in nutrition, metabolism or obesity research.  Investigators from any Harvard institution are eligible to apply.  Per NIH rules, fellows are not allowed to be PI of these grants, but final-year fellows may apply if the grant would be awarded after completion of their fellowship.  Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of our Core services.

DEADLINE:  Application must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.  Decisions will be communicated to applicants on Friday, June 15.  The award will also be announced at the 2018 Symposium, held July 10-11, which the recipient should please plan to attend.  Funding will begin August 1, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE that we anticipate a regular NORCH Pilot & Feasibility cycle to be announced in the Spring, through which research on other topics related to obesity, metabolism, and nutrition can be submitted.

 INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS:  Applications are required to use PHS 398 grant forms where appropriate. Proposals must be single spaced and follow the NIH format guidelines. Please submit the entire application as a single PDF file using the form here.

  • PHS Face Page
  • Research Plan (5 pages, references are not included in the 5 page limit)
    • Specific Aims
    • Significance
    • Innovation
    • Approach
    • Relevance of the Proposed Project to the theme
    • References
  • PHS Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period
  • PHS Budget for Entire Proposed Period of Support
  • PHS Biographical Sketch
  • PHS Other Support Page
  • Protection of Human Subjects/Animals (if applicable)
  • PHS Inclusion Enrollment Report (if applicable)
  • List of Reviewers (include 3 or 4 names with contact information as suggested reviewers)
  • Facilities and Other Resources (optional)
  • Letter of Support (optional)


Funds may be used for technical support including salary for research assistance and supplies. Equipment less than $5,000 can be requested.


  • PI salary
  • Administrative salary support
  • Computers
  • Tuition
  • Travel
  • Membership Fees
  • Equipment costing $5,000 or more
  • Indirect Costs


Please submit a budget for up to $30,000 in direct costs. The period of funding is for one year, beginning August 1, 2018. Investigators will be eligible to reapply for a second year of funding if interested, through the RFA anticipated in Spring, 2019.


Please note that P&F recipients with studies involving human subjects or animal research are invited to meet with the NORCH statistician. If you would like to request a consultation during the application process please contact. Dr. Rebecca Betensky.


All applications will be reviewed by the NORC Center Leadership. Applications with the highest merit will be sent for peer review. Preference will be given to junior investigators particularly those with K awards or equivalent. All applications are encouraged to consider utilizing and incorporating Center core services in the proposal if applicable.


For non-science related questions about the application, please contact Nika Grzejka at 617-643-0412 or

For science-related questions, please contact Dr. Takara Stanley at 617-724-9109 or

INFORMATION ON CORE SERVICES can be found on our website